"May All Who Enter Our Doors Find Peace, Security And Respect"
                             February 2019

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." -Franklin P. Jones


Ah, February! January teased us with hints of Spring, but whether the Groundhog sees his shadow or not, it looks likes winter isn't quite over yet. We will make the best of it, however, here at the Park! February is full of pink and red hearts and chocolate, and is a perfect time to celebrate not only romantic love but the love we see every day here at Sherwood Park. If you pay attention you will see our staff lovingly care for our residents every day, you will see friendships blossoming among residents, and you will notice how much love is present in the everyday actions here. February is time to celebrate love in all forms, for as the Beatles sang, "All you need is love"!

Check out some of our highlights below.

February Highlights

February 5th we open the Bingo Store for the first time in 2019! Lots of new goodies to spend those Bingo tokens on!

February 7th we are birds of a feather flocking together while we learn about different flighted friends with Rena at 2:30.

February 12th we take some time for self love and treat ourselves to a Spa Day. This relaxing afternoon will include hand massages, gel facemasks, aromatherapy, manicures, and of course glasses of bubbly sparkling cider!

February 13th we take a break from our usual Ice Cream Sundaes and instead enjoy a Cupid Float! Cherry Soda and Vanilla ice cream is sure to please.

February 14th, Valentines Day! Come celebrate with live music and a delicious chocolate cart. 

Love is still in the air on February 15th as we celebrate with Valentine's Day Bingo. 

February 12th and 14th at 6:00 we will show romantic movies chosen by a resident. Treats and fun for those who attend!

We welcome experts and novices alike for Poker on Feb 18th, lessons taught by one of our residents!

We travel to Kansas and Rhode Island on February 19th for Armchair Travel with Rena. 

  On the 21st we get creative at our Craft Corner with Rena. 

Birthday Bingo on the 25th, we combine our monthly birthday party with Bingo for a celebration for all!

Stay informed and have your voice heard at Resident Council on the 26th.

On the 28th we welcome the fabulous Singing Sparrow Shelli Kern.

Remember the Beauty Shop is open for business with our experienced and wonderful hairdresser Heather Yates on JFebruary 5th and 19th starting at 10am-appointments can be made at the front desk or with the Activity Director. 

 Don't miss all our regular programs, Sit & Get Fit on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays before lunch; Chaplain's corner on Wednesdays followed by Ice Cream Sundaes; The Friendship Brigade (an awesome group of volunteers who bring games, crafts, and company) on Thursday mornings; Manicures on Sundays; and of course BINGO twice a week!

These are just a few of the highlights, take a look at our Calendar on the right for the full schedule of fun.

You are always welcome here!

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